Shocks and Struts Repair

When considering the critical systems of a vehicle, the suspension system often gets overlooked. Most drivers take for granted that the shocks and struts and other components will simply do their job indefinitely and do not require preventative maintenance and regular auto care. Of course, this assumption is not only wrong but can lead to disastrous consequences.

The suspension system is, quite literally, the system responsible for keeping a vehicle on the road. Without this system functioning properly, vehicles would careen off the roads by the second; assuming they did not first break into pieces due to the stresses that would be imposed on a rigid framed vehicle.

The suspension is responsible for absorbing or distributing all road forces applied to your vehicle. A properly tuned system makes turning and cornering at speed easier. It distributes the weight of the vehicle under cornering in order to keep all four tires in relative positive contact with the road surface. It also isolates the body from the bulk of vibrations and shocks generated in the vehicle from road conditions or hazards. These systems can also be an important factor in braking efficiency. The more your vehicle is allowed to sway and rock forward under braking, the longer it will take to complete an emergency stop. The control of the vehicle dynamics is accomplished in concert with the steering system, making the two systems critical to vehicle stability.

Most modern vehicle suspensions are composed of shock absorbers paired with a coil spring or leaf spring in light duty trucks. The shocks are often hydraulically controlled from an onboard computer that monitors forces at each wheel and adjusts the pressure in each corner as appropriate. The other standard components include the ball joints and control arms. These components work in conjunction with the steering system. In some performance vehicles and SUVs, sway bars are also common. It is vital that the proper auto care and preventive maintenance is applied to these systems in order to maintain the performance and safety you expect.

Suspension Repair

A car's suspension system connects its wheels to its body or frame and is responsible for providing greater handling and passenger comfort. It does this through the use of several components including springs, struts, shocks, control arms, bushings, and a sway bar. The springs, struts, and shocks serve to absorb bumps and jolts in the road while the control arm and bushings allow the wheels to move up and down. At Precision Auto, we recommend that your vehicle's suspension system be checked at least once a year along with a wheel alignment. Symptoms of worn or damaged suspension components include erratic steering, uneven or excessive tire wear, poor handling, wandering, leaning, and pulling. If you experience any of these issues bring your car in as soon as possible. Bent or damaged suspension parts can cause premature damage to other parts of your vehicle. Precision Auto's service and repair center are located in The Dalles, OR.

Shock Absorber

Shock absorbers are mechanical devices found within a vehicle's suspension system that serve to absorb or dampen bumps in the road. Located on each wheel, they are composed of an oil-filled chamber and a piston. When a car hits a bump in the road, it compresses the shock, forcing oil through tiny openings in the piston. This creates hydraulic pressure, slowing the movement of the shock and subsequently the body of the car. Without shock absorbers, a vehicle would continually bounce and stopping distances would increase. At Precision Auto, we recommend that your vehicle's shocks be checked every year, along with your wheel alignment. Shocks are a normal wear component of any vehicle and you may not notice the incremental loss in handling and control. Symptoms of worn shocks include cupping wear on tires, excessive bouncing, swaying, and increased stopping distances. If your car is exhibiting any of these symptoms, come by our service and repair center located in The Dalles, OR. Come find out why Precision Auto is The Dalles's and the surrounding communities' number one choice for quality, affordable auto repair!

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